how to reinvent the brand image of gucci

Who would have thought, in 2013, Gucci this brand from Italy also to “old-fashioned design, no consumer, slow growth” by the industry criticized. To the first quarter of 2015, the performance of the worst five years. No longer can not stand the downturn of Gucci for high-level big shake, in early 2015, the new CEO Marco Bizzarri took office, then, Alessandro Michele was promoted to new creative director.

In the Marco Bizzarri & Alessandro Michele portfolio under the operation, Gucci in the second quarter of 2016 markedly accelerated growth, comparable to 7.4% on the basis, far exceeding market expectations of 2% -3%, exceeding the 3.1% increase in the first quarter. “Gucci future goal is the annual sales of 6 billion euros.” Marco Bizzarri optimistic that the future of the brand will be twice the industry average growth rate.

And Gucci is the opposite, Chanel and other brands since the beginning of a large price war in 2015, and Gucci in the inventory after the end, through the replacement of the brand style and store concept to achieve consumer attraction.

Gucci’s repositioning is to attract more new consumers, especially the pursuit of freshness and social media like the millennium generation. The new CEO Marco Bizzarri stressed: “We are trying to gain market share, to do this, we must have the purpose and differences.

First designed to bring the taste of the young, Gucci is no longer new and old-fashioned as usual, but more bright colors and fresh some of the design – the new style of retro, full color, rich in detail. In the face of the past few years Gucci increasingly mediocre, sales growth stagnation of the case, this design is quite able to re-establish a distinct image for the Gucci.

The fashion industry has been sexually controlled for several years, and spectators are tired, especially when the concept has been hype was well known, then the recession is not far away. Gucci as the representative of the magic style, more spiritual than the cold air, pay more attention to mental performance. Gucci presented a new style, just to cut the trend of the new trend of the beginning, it is everywhere in the white shoes, white shirt, minimalist design provides people with a completely different alternative.

Gucci is connected with Chinese styles once again

Gucci2017 spring and summer show floor, red atmosphere filled the show floor, dark light and smoke enveloped the surrounding environment even more mysterious and ancient myth. This season series more exaggerated drama, each Matou who seem to bear a mysterious role, through the clothing to show people unlimited association space.

Retro is also one of the biggest features of the season, which can be seen from the ancient West and the ancient East of the double phantom, birds and beasts of the element is to continue to use this season, including the dragon pattern, collar embroidered embroidery edge more revealing thick Oriental flavor. But the most prominent element of the East is also the hands of the model silk fan, with the traditional Western clothing profile shape collision, the combination of the right, the original east-west wind culture can be so integrated and no sense of violation.

Gucci latest series of styles is still retro

From 2017 onwards, the brand will be formally to men and women with the way to do the show, in the new headquarters area of ​​the larger show field in the conference. In the spring and summer of 2017 held the day before the launch of the brand, the brand released a 2017 British-inspired early spring series of commercials, while officially announced the move to Milan Linate airport near the new headquarters – that is, in the new season Of the work has not yet officially released, Alessandro Michele Gucci has dominated the Milan Women’s Week opened the first day of all the topics and light.

A brand in fashion editors and buyers in the eyes of the status of how high, Fashion Week is the best test occasions. Not surprisingly, from the Milan old train station cargo warehouse door to show the main entrance to a large section of the road, you can almost see the Gucci store is selling all the key goods: from clothing to accessories, they are uniform style Posture is to see the audience to wear on the body. In the fashion industry believe in “Gucci teach” the believers in silence for many years after the crazy worship. You know, Fashion Week to be able to enjoy the treatment of this brand is generally only one day.

Almost overnight, men, women and children back into the embrace of the brand, its flagship store in Milan Montpellier Napoleon since the renovation seems to have never deserted. People flow and carry rate so that other shops around the collective jealous. Whether the new bag, led by Bordeaux bags, or each season are quite sellers of shoes and jewelry, or even as a brand of the original face of the clothing products have become the key to enhancing sales – Alessandro Michele only a short Short a few quarters time will let Gucci full range of products have become part of the desire list.

We can be more flexible to response to market demand

Two years later, Kaiyun Group finally began to sell their own production of Gucci glasses. Recently, Kaiyun just for these unprecedented glasses began global marketing. This means that after you buy in the market all the Gucci glasses are no longer the world’s second largest eyewear maker Safilo production, they will become a real “open cloud card.”

In fact, as early as 2014, owned Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Puma and other 11 brands Kaiyun Group has plans to recover the production line glasses bag.

The so-called “recovery” is because in the luxury goods industry, such as the open group and the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH will perfume, cosmetics and eyewear category outsourced production. So, even if you buy a different brand of luxury glasses, in fact, they are basically the world’s first and second largest eyewear maker Luxottica, Safilo production.

In a statement released in 2014, the group announced that it “will be from the design, production, supply chain, brand, marketing, sales of full control of eyewear production line”, the Group will “modify and Safilo 20-year contract , Two years ahead of the lifting of the Group’s Gucci and Safilo’s agreement. ” But also because it is an early termination, open cloud will lose to Safilo 90 million euros.

Luxury goods industry is still in the doldrums

Gucci prices are the industry considered “self-willed move”, because in recent years, the luxury industry in trouble, is still low, shop, price cuts is the mainstream response, Gucci the opposite is indeed not solution.

For the price adjustment, Gucci side, is the annual adjustment of the practice, that is its annual price will have different degrees of gains, the reason may be affected by raw materials, exchange rates and other effects. However, the greater the possibility of psychological tactics, attempts to create a brand appreciation impression.

In Gucci latest earnings show that its first half profit rose 7%, and the second quarter of the price of merchandise revenue rose 70%, so sales may also increase its dare to “capricious” price clout.

But Gucci this move may lead to increased spreads at home and abroad, making more Chinese consumers to buy overseas, perhaps worth the candle. Other luxury big names, such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace, etc., are promoting the “global price balance strategy” to narrow the spread at home and abroad.

At present, the average price of luxury goods in the Chinese market is still higher than overseas nearly 40%. Continued at a high level of domestic and international spread, prompting the overseas purchasing market. According to statistics, last year, overseas purchasing to luxury goods manufacturers to bring sales of up to 340 to 500 billion yuan.

In the Chinese market, luxury stores more and more like a “showroom”, while the rent and labor costs rising, the development of luxury goods manufacturers will only become increasingly embarrassing. Global coordination pricing, narrowing around the spread, I am afraid that is being held.

Moreover, the continuing upsurge of overseas purchasing, so that luxury goods companies can not establish contact with the consumer terminal. For luxury goods enterprises, and the market out of touch, is the future development of a major risk. Once the brand is damaged, consumer loyalty may plummet.

Today, more and more young consumers, are moving light luxury brand. From the side that the big luxury brand has not the appetite of young groups, the reason is that the consumption habits of the young group is not enough to understand the necessary consumer data, still with the old set of marketing.

The full range of product of gucci

The past two years, as the luxury market downturn, most of the luxury brands in the Greater China region through price cuts or disguised price cuts, such as discounts to promote revenue growth. Last April, Chanel announced 2.55,11.12 and Boy three signature package of global pricing adjustment, leading to the Chinese market price drastically cut prices, then including Prada, Cartier, Burberry and other luxury brands have started to join the price boom .

However, the first use of the luxury brand Chanel last year, a sharp decline in profits and sales, operating profit fell 23 percent to 1.6 billion US dollars, total revenue fell 17 percent to 62.4 billion US dollars. Exane BNP Paribas analyst Luca Solca pointed out that the Chanel brand seems to have overexposed, and further reduced prices further exacerbated the problem.

Gucci in the first half of the operating profit recorded 7.0% higher than the sales growth rate, the second quarter of the brand value of goods on the contribution of revenue growth from 40% in the first quarter of the rapid increase to 70%, indicating that the brand is a positive growth, Rather than by promotions, discounts to complete sales growth.

Brand creative director Alessandro Michele since taking office, leading the trend of fashion to the sex, bold use of printing, embroidery, metal and other elements, showing the product of wild and romantic coexistence in the spring and summer of 2017 Fashion Week continues to be recognized, Gucci brand new The image has been confirmed in line with the Millennium generation of aesthetic. According to the brand earlier data, this spring new products in the age of 34 years of age or 80 after the crowd turnover compared to 50% growth over the same period last year, Gucci want to continue to attract new consumers, especially the pursuit of freshness and social media like the millennium generation , And now the brand has also expanded its product line to entry-level leather goods, jewelry and scarves series, the recent brand online turnover tripled, accounting for about 3% of total turnover.

Fine jewelry GUCCI watch for 2016 christmas

The new diamond watch series, interpretation of the watch and Fugui diamonds unexpected encounters moving encounter, engraved eternal flow of the golden age. Swiss Seiko fine made of excellent quality, into the classic Gucci elements, make it become enduring fashion collection. Diamond watch series table variety, show different style, charming rhyme flow in gestures.

Le Marché des Merveilles watch adds modern style, material excellence, elegant color, harmony and brilliance. The latest design includes a total of three models (38 mm), dial color rich, including: malachite green, turquoise blue or coral. Simple and not stick to the dial of these synthetic gem texture display most vividly. 12 o’clock position also has a Gucci logo. Small seconds with a Gucci interlocking double “G” shape of the spherical shape of the composition. Gucci around the dial unique wave-shaped charm – unique bezel bezel, with pyramid-shaped studs – for the watch to add avant-garde urban style.

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles series of gold bees are made of 18K gold, modern and more refined, each bee jewelry are delicate carved with the new Gucci bee decorative patterns, bees pattern or diamond inlaid, or pure Gold to build. This fascinating new iconic design element presents itself in a series of necklaces, open bangles or wide-ring rings, with bees stuck on a few leaves to create a new interpretation of nature’s wonderful creatures.

New designer has made gucci more fashionable

As a former Gucci staff, two days before my friend circle was an article entitled “Gucci beat all competitors, the third quarter recorded the fastest growth in nearly 5 years,” brush the screen. Said the third quarter turnover and last year, rose 17%; and the sudden increase in young users, online sales Hurricane 50%.

Alessandro Michele took office as soon as possible, drastic reform, rejuvenation is the most obvious. GG logo is now covered with big handbags are changed, and obviously still familiar with the formula, inexplicably become super good-looking.

Let alone those who do not have the logo, and now anyone on the road back so a bag, you can certainly recognize it is a Gucci, even if it does not necessarily have significant brand logo, brainwashing is so successful. Look back at the show when the show is also clothing, and that ugly Mody can not be said, but Michele is clearly not before the Gucci so young so people have the desire. Law-abiding, almost every year to hold high the banner of elegance and retro.

Gucci creates Le Marché desMerveilles series

By the Gucci master gemmakers crafted bold high-level jewelry, in addition to show the jewelry brand Gucci fashion new elements of exquisite suits, which constitute the Le Marché desMerveilles series exciting, unique, to the ultimate modern way to interpret gemstones Streamer elegance.

Tiger set includes a peculiar pendant necklace and a matching ring, showing the exquisite Gucci gemmorchief gem mosaic exquisite craftsmanship. Shiny black and white diamonds with emeralds, sketched out the beasts of the king of the markings. Thick chain on the tiger-head pendant and supporting the tiger-head ring are made of 18K rose gold.

Three dazzling serpentine rings are the icing on the cake for the series, the ring on the dense white diamond, green diamond and blue diamond vividly showing the snake’s body lines. Green models inlaid green tourmaline and green topaz, blue and blue sapphire inlaid blue topaz; two materials are modified with black ruthenium 18K white gold, so that the distribution of these jewelry even more strong temptation charm. 18K rose gold carved with exquisite carving patterns, snake eye position inlaid with a white diamond, snake headdress with diamond-shaped star logo.

Bee is made of 18K gold, modern and more refined, retro silver part of the mosaic of unusual gray diamonds. Each piece of bee jewelry are delicate to carve the new Gucci bee decorative patterns, carved in the heart-shaped style, but also a direct carving style. Bee pattern or diamonds inlaid, or pure gold to build. This fascinating new iconic design element presents itself in a series of necklaces, open bangles or wide ring rings, with bees stuck on a few leaves as a styling.

Gucci in wine industry

In 1963, Beaumont and Cortivron, the three families in charge of Latour Castle, sold 79 per cent of the winery to the Pearson Group and Harvey Group (Harveys of Bristol), the reason is simply not willing to dividend to the remaining 68 shareholders. When the news came out, the French nation shocked, many French people as the same behavior with the traitor. Fortunately, in 1989, has become the Harvey Group, the owner of the Lyonnais Group (Alliance Lyonnais) nearly 200 million US dollars of the high price of shares in the hands of the Pearson Group buy back, let France re-owned the Castle Latour!

In April 2011, Latour Castle announced the formal withdrawal from the Bordeaux wine trading system in 2012, only when the winery that is appropriate to release has been close to or reach the appropriate drinking period of wine. Bordeaux wine system is an important form of sales of Bordeaux Chateau, Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Chateau Mouton Rothschild and other famous column-level village are involved. Latour to withdraw from this system is undoubtedly a startling move, but by Kaiyun Group operating luxury model, the move seems to be reasonable. On the one hand, this is the wine “scarcity” control and quality assurance, but also to make Latour a luxury; on the other hand, this is the latte castle to start their own distribution channels is an important sign .

The vineyards of the Latour Castle are located on a gravel hillside overlooking the Gironde Estuary, with a layer of fluffy clay beneath the soil. In recent years, the Latour Castle is taking a big step towards green, 24 hectares of vineyards are planted in Biodynamic, and 7 hectares of organic grapes are planted. In 2008, the winery also re-use of horses for farmland, now 47 hectares of vineyard land by seven horses to farming. Vineyard re-planting of vineyard land has at least 5 years of rest recovery period, and the winery will not use harmful compounds such as herbicides. In order to protect the crop, the winery will also use some environmental means to inhibit the breeding of insects, such as sex hormone interference. Vineyard managers even use mountain bikes to visit vineyards, which they consider to be the most environmentally friendly vehicles.